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ASIC stands for application-specific integrated circuit in English, which is a term referring to specialized integrated circuits in electronics.

ASIC is an IC designed for a specific application. Today ASICs are used almost everywhere, such as mobile phones, microprocessors in automation, media, vehicles, spacecraft, systems processors, industrial chains, etc..

Virtual money market is hotter than ever when everyone buys one or more PCs to earn money from mining virtual money. However, after a while, the mining of Ethereum has become difficult, while a lot of other smaller virtual currency based on blockchain appears more and more.

To make it easy to understand, mining virtual currency is like having one person quiz for thousands of other people to solve. The fastest and most accurate solution will be the ETH or other altcoins. As the amount of virtual currency is not much as well as the new hardware technology is released, the fight will be more difficult because now everyone is good, also fast. At that time, 6 or 8 GPUs would not be enough. As a result, professional “miners” have moved to other solutions using ASIC chips specifically designed for mining Ethereum, also known as ASICMINER.

ASIC allows miners to use hardware built specifically for Ethereum or other virtual currencies of the SHA-256 algorithm. An ASIC has benefits over CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs due to being designed for a specific task. They can exploit Ethereem at higher baud rate (transaction processing speed) than CPU, GPU and FPGA.

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