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When you search online for the term “crypto markets” there are many options for you, there are countless articles related to crypto markets making you extremely confused and difficult to choose a reputable crypto market.

Currently, there are over 6,000 crypto markets in the world, so choosing a secure and professional trading platform is extremely difficult, especially for those who are new to the crypto market.

To assess whether a crypto market is professional and safe or not comes from two main factors that are the number of transactions and the number of transaction users. Of course, there are other factors such as transactional interface, convenience, support staff, level of security of the market, popularity, etc.

With 4 accounts on 4 crypto markets, you can trade any crypto currency you like, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, NEO, NEM and thousands of other Altcoins.

Main advantages of 4 Crypto Markets:

  • These crypto markets have daily transactions of several tens of millions of dollars
  • These crypto markets have a huge number of people registered to trade
  • These crypto markets support high security and has good technical staff
  • These crypto markets has a policy to support the important events in the virtual currency market
  • These large deck supports large pairs of Altcoin
  • These crypto markets support the prestigious ICO
  • These crypto markets support fast trades
  • These crypto markets support simple refills and withdrawals
  • These crypto markets support tools that help traders to trade better


These four crypto markets only support the purchase and sale of crypto currency, you can not buy directly in dollars or any real currency. This means you have to go through a trading market with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum for example and then move to these markets to buy and sell pairs of different Altcoin.

The best 4 crypto markets in the world


Poloniex is one of the most prestigious crypto market in the four crypto markets, because there are very few coin traded on this market, most of the coin traded is subject to many conditions that can be traded.

Once a coin is traded on Poloniex you can ensure that the coin is extremely potent, with high trading volume. It is because of its reputation that many professional investors are trading on this market.

  • Origin: United States
  • Web:
  • Number of coin transactions: 101 pairs of altcoin
  • Method: Exchange – Margin – Lending
  • Top 4 pairs of coin: BTC / USDT – ETH / BTC – ETH / USDT – STR / BTC
  • Beneficiary: Holder long term trading with large amount of money


Bittrex is the largest crypto market, popular with the community for its widespread use, as well as support for a variety of signaling tools for wave surfers.

  • Origin: United States
  • Web:
  • Number of coin transactions: 250 pairs of Altcoin
  • Method: Exchange
  • Top 4 pairs of coin: BTC / USDT – NEO / BTC – XRP / BTC – ETH / BTC
  • Beneficiary: Trader (Trader)


This is a crypto market with many ICO coins, for venture and professional investors – this platform is quite hard to trade.

HitBTC is Europe’s largest crypto market, supporting a tremendous amount of coin trading and a destination for many ICO coins.

The special feature of the floor is rapid support for Hardfork sessions, quick update information, support for fund raising companies in the form of ICO and for both IOU forms.

  • Origin: Denmark
    Number of coin transactions: 209 pairs of altcoin
    Method: Exchange
    Top 4 pairs of coin: BCH / BTC – DASH / BTC – ETH / BTC – XMR / BTC
    Audience: For ICO investors and players


This is the crypto market to trade or hold are okay. For new or basic investors – relatively easy to play.

Binance is a new crypto market that has recently emerged, attracted by many new investors because of many preferential policies and attractive programs when trading on this market.

Only Binacne crypto market has coin traded directly on Binance (BNB). The market is one of the crypto markets attracting the most subscribers in 2017.

  • Origin: Shanghai – China
    Number of coin transactions: 46 pairs of altcoin
    Method: Exchange
    Top 4 pairs of coin: WTC / BTC – NEO / BTC – BTC / USDT – BNB / BTC
    Beneficiary: For coin investors, start entering the virtual money market


Just register your account on 4 crypto markets then you can buy any coin you like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, NEO, etc.(Except for some coin and multi-level coin.)

The registration of the floor on the very simple, you just follow step by step is that you can start investing in virtual money okay!

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