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Nowadays, a lot of people start to learn about Ethereum (ETH) and have difficulty in creating Ethereum wallet. Many questioned: Where should create Ethereum wallet? on Desktop? at MyEherWallet? or at Coinbase? or where is safe?

Actually, the storage of Ethereum is based on the needs of each person. If you need to keep your site safe for your transactions, good security and even Bitcoin deals, use Coinbase, which is a good choice.

What is Coinbase?

Basically Coinbase is no different than Released 20/06/2012 originated from California, USA by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, now has more than 4 million users.

Beside the traditional Bitcoin, they now have more Ethereal support, so when using Coinbase you will only manage and trade the two hottest currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Coinbase’s service is free, meaning you can create wallet, exchange, trade, buy Bitcoin and Ethereum without losing any fees. Coinbase is widely used and trusted by Bitcoin & Ethereum users.

Advantages and disadvantages of Coinbase

  • Coinbase has many advantages over other wallets: No cost for creating wallets/transfers, storing both Bitcoin and Ethereum (the two currencies with the highest market capitalization available today), allowing for quick buy/sell transactions and no errors.
  • Disadvantages: Time to take a certification is usually much longer than Blockchain.

The steps create Ethereum wallet on Coinbase

Step 1: Create a Coinbase account

  • Go to
    Select Sign Up
    Complete the information: First name, Last name, Email, Password
  • Open email to activate your account
    Log in to Coinbase and use

Step 2: Choose the type of wallet

Here we use the Ethereum wallet so we will choose the following:
Select Account, click BTC Wallet (left menu), click Wallet address (right corner) to get your Ethereum wallet address (this is the same as bank account number). Do the same to get your Bitcoin wallet address.

Step 3: Set security for Ethereum wallet

  • To setup for this Coinbase account, you go to Setting, which will support you to setup profile, security, etc.
  • For security by phone you click the Security tab in Setting section.
  • Click Verify a Phone, enter the phone number and it will send the code to confirm you.

Step 4. Transfer and receive ETH

Receive ETH: Just give the wallet address to the person you bought the ETH, so they transfer the ETH.
Transfer ETH to others:

  • Click on ETH Wallet
  • Click on Send/Request and enter the ETH wallet of the person you want to sell ETH

This is almost done by creating a Ethereum wallet on Coinbase.
You can also download this app to your mobile phone to manage your account at all times. It supports iOS, Android.
Good luck!

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