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Ethereum is a crypto currency and is thought to be Bitcoin’s rival. The Ethereum worth is currently around $340/ETH (refer to ETH price here) and is constantly growing with strong growth potential.

As with Bitcoin, the Ethereum worth depends entirely on mining sources, and therefore the quantity of Ethereum is finite, so if more people are willing to own Ethereum then the Ethereum worth will increase. In addition, for the purpose of solving the limitations of Bitcoin, Ethereum is a useful non-focused application that can be applied on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, airbnb, Grab , Uber, etc.

Ethereum system is a decentralized system that means that each participant is both a client and a server, so security is guaranteed and enhanced, at the same time, the network’s resilience has also increased. This technology has far superior advantages compared to older systems that are only processed by a single server (centralized system). This results in older systems more vulnerable to attack than decentralized systems.

Advantages of the Ethereum decentralized system:

  • Highly resistant to attack from hackers.
  • The system remains operational even if some parts of the network are disconnected.
  • Because the decentralization system is not controlled, managed or operated by any individual, it will minimize some of the negative (accidental or deliberate) problems from the human factor.
  • The integrity of the database system. The data on all transactions on the system (eg sender name, recipient – virtual identity, domain name, ownership record, business contract, etc.) are recorded and stored system safe and secure. Moreover, these information can not be changed so no one can fool anyone to spend some money that they really do not have.

In a nutshell, with many of the features outweighed by the money managed by other government organizations, Ethereum is an crypto currency with superior decentralized management, the Ethereum worth promises to have a strong development in the future.

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