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Ethereum Difficulty has skyrocketed in the past few months. With the increasing number of participants in the world of cryptocurrency, especially Ethereum, increasing Ethereum Difficulty is evident. Unfortunately, this is not good news for Ethereal Minerals, as it requires a stronger hardware investment to address the problem of increased Ethereum Difficulty.

Ethereum Difficulty reached the highest level ever

For Ethereum, the miners only really enjoyed it in the last few weeks when the ETH price reached $400. Many people have rushed to invest in ETH mining equipment, which also means buying bulk graphics cards, because there is no ASIC machine for digging ETH – and will never be there because Ethereum could grow in the proof-of-stake direction.

There is no denying that Ethereum Difficulty has risen sharply in the past few months. In January 2017, the difficulty level was less than 100 TH/s, but started to rise suddenly from April 2017 (reaching 242 TH/s at that time), then reached the highest level at present 1477,492 TH/s.

Ethereum Difficulty Chart and Graph

That means that to mine ETH will require significant hardware to make a profit. Wanting to mine ETH for profit now requires several dozen graphics cards, motherboards and power supplies (in the case of ideal cheap power).

Owning the required graphics card is also a big problem. Both AMD and Nvidia have had strong sales growth for the past few years only to serve the purpose of mining cryptocurrency like ETH. Many countries are still facing the problem of out of stock graphics cards.

In addition, we must remember that ETH is also in a volatile period, and it is not easy to make a profit today. This raises questions about the future issues of digging ETH. Anyone who wants to participate in mining Ethereum must also consider carefully before a large investment.