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For a long time, has become the largest Bitcoin Wallet platform in the world. Recently, has supported more Ethereum Wallet.

For those who are interested in Bitcoin and who own a certain amount of Bitcoin, it is probably impossible not to know Blockchain. Because this is the largest Bitcoin Wallet platform in the world, most of us choose Blockchain as the first Bitcoin storage facility.

Ethereum (Ether – ETH) is a new virtual currency launched two years ago, but now it has become very popular, can be said to have “fever” for financial investors, especially from the beginning 2017. So, more Ether Wallets were born, serving the needs of trading, circulating and storing money for this virtual currency.

Large crypto markets such as Coinbase, EXMO, Bittrex, etc have long supported Ether coin. As for Blockchain, it had to wait for a long time, until then today has been supported, this is good news for those who own the Ethereum coin.

Blockchain is not a trading platform or Bitcoin trading site, Bitcoin or Ether exchange. Blockchain is simply a service offering Wallet for secure Bitcoin and Ether storage. Compared with many similar services, Blockchain has a high level of security, which is difficult to hack.

Users can back up their wallets on the Blockchain server and keep the information secure for their wallets. Thanks to this approach, Blockchain was soon famous, now has more than 16 million wallets saved on the Blockchain system.

If you still have ETH unsafe place should go to Blockchain to save it! If you set up enough security features then Blockchain is safe, deposit money where you can rest assured sleep.

In the future, Blockchain will open more types of wallets for many other types of crypto currency such as Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, etc. That’s my guess.

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